College Literacy Academy
Overview Of Annual Memberships And Services

  • Full Annual Individual Membership

All full annual individual members will have access, (FREE OF COST), to all our 100 + E-books, Videos and Webcasts that pertains to paying for college and athletic issues.  Annual subscribers also have the ability to ask questions dealing with college issues on a personal or business standpoint by e-mail.  All subscribers will be kept up-to-date on any changes to financial aid and tax laws that may occur during their membership that relates to paying for a college education.  All members will have the opportunity to talk with me personally (by appointment) by phone or Skype to discuss personal college issues - 30 minute limitation.  Normal Cost Of All The Above - $362.00 
You Pay Only - $49.00

Total Savings - $313.00
  • How To Pay For A Community Or Technical College

Approximately 38% of high school graduates are deemed to be college ready (having the education to do college work), according to the College Board.  If this college readiness percentage is correct, that means 62% of high school graduates are NOT college ready, (scoring a 21 or higher on the ACT.), but many are enrolling into four-year colleges with the likelihood of graduating being very low.  If your student is not college ready, the student should consider attending a community or technical college.  Once the student completes their community and technical college and wants to continue their education, they can transfer to a four-year educational institution.

In this part of our website, many of you will learn how to attend a community or technical educational institution FREE of cost (no loans - no debts) and in many cases make a PROFIT at the same time.  If your student is college ready, attending a two-year community college first then transferring to a four-year educational institution could save the family thousands of dollars.  Normal Cost $50.00     
You Pay Only - $15.00

Total Savings - $35.00

  • How To Pay 65% To 75% Or MORE Of College Cost Without You Spending Any More Money Than You Are Spending Now

We all have heard how expensive it is to pay for a college education, however there are several things families can do in order to keep their costs down to a minimum.  In this part of our website you will learn many options that you can take that will NOT CHANGE your lifestyle or cause you to spend any more money than you are spending now.  These ideas will work regardless if your student will attend a public or private educational institution.  All you have to do is put the ideas to work.  Normal Cost $175.00 
You Pay Only - $34.00

Total Savings - $141.00
  • How To Market Your Student-Athlete For An Athletic Scholarship

If you have a student-athlete that could have the athletic ability to play intercollegiate athletics, don't wait to their senior year in high school to start marketing their ability.  Many of our clients and subscribers have started as early as the eighth grade.  Most students should start marketing themselves in the freshman or sophomore year in high school but NO LATER than their junior year.  There is a reason for this!  In this part of our website we will show you 6 steps of marketing your student-athlete.  You will have available a 118 page guidebook, a 48 minute instruction video, personal phone call with me (maximum of 30 minutes) and Much More!  Normal Cost $200.00 
You Pay Only - $38.00

Total Savings - $162.00