Information Available For Traditional Students And Student-Athletes

Financial Aid Issues

  •     History Of Financial Aid
  •     True Story About Who Will Qualify For Financial Aid
  •     Concept Of Financial Need
  •     Should You Complete The FAFSA
  •     How To Complete The FAFSA
  •     Understanding How Your EFC Is Calculated
  •     Will You Qualify For Financial Aid
  •     Income, Assets, And Taxes (How They Affect Your Financial Aid)
  •     Frequently Asked Questions On The FAFSA
  •     Differences Between FAFSA And CSS Profile
  •     Forms Of Financial Aid
  •     Will You Receive 100% Of The Financial Aid That You Qualify For
  •     Who Should Complete The FAFSA If You Have Been Divorced
  •     Can Your Student Claim Themselves As A Independent Student To Increase Their Financial Aid    Potential
  •     If You Have Investment Real Estate How Is It Treated On The FAFSA
  •     If You Are The Owner Or You Or Your Student Is The Beneficiary Of A Trust And Do Not Have    access To The Funds, Do You Have To Claim The Trust Funds As An Asset On The FAFSA

Preparing Your Student For College

  •     Is A College Education Worth The Cost
  •     Welcome To College Life.  Learn What The Student Should Expect Before Attends College
  •     Is College Harder Than High School (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4).  All Students Need To Know This
  •     Comparing The ACT or SAT Scores
  •     How To Determine In 10 Minutes What Type Of College Your Student Should Attend
  •     How To Determine In 10 minutes What Type Of Degree Program Your Student Should Study
  •     What Do ACT Or SAT Test Scores Mean To College Admission And Financial Aid Officers
  •     Should You Pay Outside Test Prep Firm.  ACT Or SAT Coaching, Does It Help
  •     Importance Of The Student's High School Course Of Study, GPA And AP Courses
  •     Save Thousands Of Dollars By Understanding The Difference Between Direct And Indirect College    Costs
  •     What Is The Job Of The High School Guidance Counselor.  What To Expect From Your    Guidance Counselor
  •     Purpose Of Getting A College Education, (Will You Get Your Money's Worth)
  •     Four Important Questions All Student Need To Answer Before Attending College.  The Student's
              Answers To These Questions Could Save The Family Hundreds Of Dollars.
  •     Should Your Student Attend A Four Year College Or Should They Attend A Community    College.  Is Your Student College Ready
  •     Which Is Cheaper To Attend, A Private College Or A Public College
  •     Understand The Importance Of Graduation Rates At The Colleges That Your Student May Attend
  •     Questions And Answers All Families Should Know
  •     Importance Of Completing A Power Of Attorney With The Student
  •     Wait Listed, What Do You Do Now
  •     8 Hour Course On Financial Literacy For All College Bound Students (call for schedule)

Understanding Student Loans

  •        Types Of Student Loans
  •        How Student Loans Work (Direct and Alternative Student Loans)
  •        Understanding How Qualified Educational Expenses Affect Student Loan Interest Deduction
  •        Will You Be Able To Deduct Student Loan Interest
  •        Figuring Student Loan Interest Deduction
  •        Importance Of Student Loan Act And How It Affects You
  •        Dangers Of Borrowing Too Much For College
  •        Understanding How Student Loans Affect Your (Student and Parents) Debt-To-Income Ratio.
                 Knowing This Information Could Save You And Your Student Thousands Of Dollars
  •        What Affect Does 529 College Savings Or Prepaid Tuition Plans Have On The Potential Tax
                 Deductibility Of Student Loan Interest
  •        Using Home Equity To Pay For College.  What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages
  •        Understanding What Will Happen If You Default On A Student Loan
  •        What To Do If You Cannot Pay On Your Student Loan (Student and Parents)
  •        Normally Parents Cannot Deduct Student Loan Interest When The Loan Is In The Student
                 Name.  Learn How To Avoid This Problem

Scholarships And Grants

  •        Understanding Scholarships And Grants
  •        Are Scholarships Taxable Or Tax-Free
  •        How Does Qualified Expenses Affect Possible Taxation Of Scholarships and Grants
  •        What Affect Does 529 College Savings Or Prepaid Tuition Plans Have On The Potential       Taxation Of Scholarships and Grants
  •        Understanding How Merit Grade Based (KEES, etc.) Scholarships Work
  •        Understanding How Scholarship Prizes Work
  •        Are There Millions Of Scholarships Going Unclaimed Each Year
  •        How To Report Taxable Scholarships On The Student's Tax Return
  •        If The Student Has To Claim Their Scholarship As Taxable Income, Does The Student Have To       Pay Taxes On 100% Of The Scholarship
  •        The Best Ways Of Looking And Applying For Scholarships
  •        Understanding Employee Educational Benefit Plans
  •        Understanding How Tax Scholarships Work
  •        Difference Between Merit-Based And Need-Based Scholarships Or Grants
  •        Understanding The Differences Between Qualified, Non-Qualified, Restrictive, And Non-
                 Restrictive Scholarships And Grants.  Knowing The Differences Could Cost Your $10,000 Or More
                 Directly From The IRS In Order To Pay For College
  •        Should You Pay For Scholarship Advice

Educational Tax Credits

  •        Defining The American Opportunity And Lifetime Tax Credits
  •        Comparisons Of The Tax Credits
  •        Who Can Claim Or Not Claim The Tax Credits
  •        Figuring How Much Of The Tax Credit You May Qualify For
  •        How Other Tax-Free Educational Assistance, (Scholarships, Grants, 529 Plans, Coverdell
                 College Savings Plans, EE Bonds, etc.) Affect Tax Credit Eligibility
  •        Who Should Claim The Tax Credits If You Have Been Divorced, Regardless Of Who Pays For       College Expenses
  •        Should You Use The Tax Credits To Help Pay For Summer College Courses Prior To The       Student Enrolling For Their Freshman Year Of College

Income Taxes And Paying For College

  •        The Importance Of Understanding How You Are Being Taxed
  •        Myths And Fears Of Income Taxes
  •        How To Work With Or Select A Professional Tax Advisor In Order To Help Pay For College
  •        How To Use IRA Funds To Pay For College Expenses And Bypass The Ten Percent Penalty And
                 Potentially Avoid Paying Income Taxes On The Withdrawal Of Funds
  •        How To Use A Home Based Business To Pay For College Expenses And Potentially Lower       Your Taxable Income By Thousands Of Dollars At The Same Time
  •        How To Pay 65% To 75% Or More Of Educational Expenses Without Spending Any More Money       Than You Are Spending Now Other Than A Small Student Loan
  •        Understanding The New Kiddie Tax Rules And How To Avoid Taxation Above The Kiddie Tax       Levels When Your Student Is In College
  •        Attend The First Two Years Of College Free Of Cost, Without Loans And In Many Situations
                 Make A Profit At The Same Time
  •        Understanding The Pros and Cons Of Coverdell, 529 Savings And Prepaid Tuition Plans
  •        How To Avoid Penalties And Taxes On Withdrawals From Coverdell IRAs, 529 Savings And       Prepaid Tuition Plans - And You Thought Withdrawals Were Tax-Free
  •        What To Do If You Have Saved Money In An UGMA Or UTMA
  •        Should You Transfer UGMA Or UTMA To A 529 Savings Plan - Better Think Twice
  •        How To Borrow From Life Insurance And Deduct The Interest On Your Taxes
  •        Learn How To Use Credit Cards To Pay For College And Potentially Deduct The Interest On The
                Credit Card Debt On Your Tax Returns
  •        Understanding IRS Form 1098-T Could Save You Thousands Of Dollars In Educational Costs
  •        Does It Make Any Difference Who Claims The Student As A Dependent On Their Taxes If You
                 Have Been Divorced
  •        Should You Borrow Funds From Your 401-K Plan To Pay For College Expenses
  •        If You Have A Small Business And Are Either An S Or C Corporation Learn How To Use IRC
                280A-g To Take Thousands Of Dollars Out Of Your Business TAX-FREE And DEDUCT The
                Withdrawal Off As A Business Deduction.  You Then Can Use The Funds To Help Pay For College


  •        When Should You Start Marketing Your Student-Athlete For Athletic Scholarships
  •        Basic Fundamentals Of Marketing Your Student-Athlete
  •        How Much Should You Rely On Your High School Or Summer League Coach
  •        How Important Is Academics And ACT/SAT Test Scores In Getting An Athletic Scholarship
  •        Understanding The NCAA Clearinghouse
  •        Financial Aid For Student-Athletes
  •        Understanding The College Coach
  •        Avoid Leaving A Negative Impression With The College Coach
  •        Difference Between An Official And Unofficial Visits
  •        Recruiting Process Through The Eyes Of The College Coach
  •        What Is It Like Playing Intercollegiate Athletics
  •        Six-Steps Of Marketing Your Student Athlete For An Athletic Scholarships
  •        When To Ask For An Athletic Scholarship
  •        When Do Most College Coaches Start Marketing Student-Athletes
  •        Important Terminology You Need To Know
  •        35 Things Student-Athletes Can Take To Improve Their Chances Of Getting Recruited
  •        Does All State Honors Guarantee An Athletic Scholarship
  •        Division III College Do Not Give Athletic Scholarships.  So How Do They Recruit Student-Athletes       To Play At Their College
  •        When Should You Put An Athletic Video Together
  •        College Coaches May Want To See A Video Of The Student-Athlete Participating In Their       Sport.  How Long Should The Video Be And Should It Be Produced Professionally
  •        If Your Student Is Not Playing Varsity Level As Of Yet, Should They Wait To Start The Marketing
                 Process Until They Reach The Varsity Level
  •        How Important Is The College Roster When Your Student Is Still In High School
  •        If The High School Coach Only Plays Seniors And Your Student-Athlete Is A Sophomore Or      Junior, How Will This Affect Their Marketing Efforts
  •        When Should An Athlete Call A College Coach And How Often
  •        What Type Of Student-Athlete Are College Coaches Looking For
  •        How Do You Determine If The Student-Athlete Has The Ability Of Playing Intercollegiate
  •        Can The Student-Athlete Sign A National Letter Of Intent Before They Have Been Cleared       By The National Clearing House Showing They Are Eligible To Play Intercollegiate Athletics
  •        If The Student-Athlete Is Playing For A Mediocre High School Team, Will It Hurt Their Chances Of
                Getting An Athletic Scholarship
  •        If The Student-Athlete Approaches A College Coach In Order To Get An Athletic Scholarship And       The College Sends The Student-Athlete An Acceptance Letter To Attend The College Does That       Mean The Athlete Is Being Recruited
  •        If A Student-Athlete Receive A Letter Of Interest From A College Coach And The  Athlete Is       Not Interested In Attending The College, What Should The Student-Athlete Do
  •        Should A Student-Athlete Establish A Personal Website To Promote Themselves
  •        Should A Student-Athlete Use A Professional Recruiting Service
  •        Does A Full Athletic Scholarship Pay 100% Of College Costs
  •        Are Athletic Scholarships Guaranteed All Four-Years
  •        Are Athletic Scholarships Tax-Free To The Student
  •        If The Student-Athlete Wants To Go On An Unofficial Visit, Does The College Coach Have      To Approve The Visit
  •        If The Student-Athlete Is Offered An Official Visit, Will The College Coach Pay The Expenses Of       The Parents Of The Athlete As Well
  •        If The Student-Athlete Has The Ability To Play At The Division I College Should They Disregard
                Communicating With Divisions II and III Or NAIA Colleges
  •        Is An Athletic Scholarship Guaranteed To The Student If The Student-Athlete Gets Hurt And       Cannot Play Any More
  •        If A Student-Athlete Wants To Transfer To Another College And They Have Signed The National
                 Letter Of Intent, Can The Student-Athlete Play Immediately With The College They Are 
                 Transferring To
  •        If A Student-Athlete Is Not Offered Any Scholarship Money, But The College Coach Wants       Them To Play As A Walk-On, Does The Student-Athlete Have To Sign The National Letter Of       Intent Before They Can Play
  •        Are There Any Circumstances That Could Cause The Student-Athlete To Lose Their Athletic
  •        What Is The Best Way To Communicate With College Coaches
  •        If The Athlete Receives An Offer From A College, Is It Ethical To Use The Offer As Leverage With
                 Other Colleges Of Interest.  If So, Should The Athlete Tell The College Coach That Has Made The
                 Offer Of What Their Interest Is In Attending Their College
  •        How Important Is Knowing All The Rules And Regulations Laid Out By The NCAA Or Other       Athletic Associations
  •        If Your Student-Athlete Is Home-School Does It Mean They Cannot Play Intercollegiate Athletics
  •        During The Marketing Process, The Student-Athlete Should Send College Coaches A Letter       Of Introduction.  What Should Be In The Letter And How Long Should It Be
  •        If The Student-Athlete Is Lucky Enough To Get An Interview With The College Coach, What
                Should The Student Expect And What Questions Should They Ask The Coach 
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